Oil Stains? These 3 Household Items Will Do the Trick

Anna LaPlaca

Oil stains are among the worst kinds of stains your clothing can acquire. If you've ever spilled a bit of olive oil on your favourite top, then you can likely attest to this sentiment. What's worse is that removing the spot requires acting fast and applying some serious elbow grease. But the good news? We recently learned that there are three very common household items that will get these stubborn stains out of your clothes. In fact, the solution is probably sitting in your kitchen.

Grab one of these three items as soon as you spot an oil stain on your clothes: dish soap, laundry detergent, or aloe vera. We know—that last one shocked us, too. If you want to go the aloe vera route, simply soak your item in water and rub the gel into the stain. Next, hand wash the piece and allow it to air-dry. Who knew aloe vera could be used to treat more than just sunburns?

Now that you know how to remove oil stains, you won't ever have to worry about ruining your new favourite piece.

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