I Was an Assistant for 7 Years and Wore These Outfits Every Week

Allyson Payer

My years as an assistant are behind me, but the outfits that I relied on are not. Let me preface the rest of this by saying that my assistant career was in creative office environments in Los Angeles, specifically a talent management office, a television studio, and the one and only Who What Wear (as the assistant to our co-founder and CEO, Katherine Power). As such, I had a little more freedom with my wardrobe than I would have in a more corporate environment. But I still made a point to keep my outfits polished and professional, yet still allowing for freedom of movement.

If you've ever been an assistant, you're probably aware that running all over the office (and sometimes all over town) is part of the job, and your clothes simply can't hold you back. Luckily, I have a few trusty outfit ideas for assistants, which I relied on every single week and which I'm here to share with you. They may not fly if you're a legal assistant, for example, but if your office dress code is a bit more relaxed, these looks strike the perfect balance of comfort, style, and professional polish. Shop everything you need to re-create them yourself below. 

You now have one outfit idea for each day of the week, and every one of them is alarmingly easy to re-create. You're welcome!

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