Tired of Your Bomber Jacket? Give This Styling Trick a Go

Nicole Kliest

One thing’s for certain: It’s the year of the shoulder. For the last several months, women have eschewed cleavage, opting to slip into pieces that show off their shoulders instead. From airy off-the-shoulder blouses to cocktail dresses with enticing splices and cutouts; the options have been plentiful. But this story is about jackets, you’re likely pondering. We know, we know! Read on for the connection.

We’ve noticed a trend pick up speed that keeps evolving the shoulder-loving trend, and it’s super simple. Street style stars and celebs have been shrugging their jackets down below their shoulders, giving off an air of insouciance that’s undeniably cool. The beauty of this effortless styling trick is that you can take it as far as you want it to go. Whether it’s a slight dip on one shoulder or pulling it down à la shrug—the choice is yours.

See below for a few on-point examples, and then shop our favourite jackets of the moment. 

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