Check a Fashion Girl's Browser History and You'll Find These Dresses

Kristen Nichols

We’ve talked about off-the-shoulder dresses before, but there’s a reason we keep bringing them up. They’re stylish, flattering, and most of all loved by fashion girls. We’d easily bet that if you took a look at their browsing history, you’d be sure to find some recent orders.

Even though we're in the middle of winter in Australia, our climate is mild, so we can get away with wearing a summery dress, and just accessorising with winter add-ons (like a leather jacket and ankle boots). Alternatively, maybe you're escaping winter and heading overseas, in which case, you will need a new dress to add to your collection. Want to see how to wear the wardrobe staple this season?

Keep reading to see how fashion girls are styling their off-the-shoulder dresses. Then shop our favourite styles.

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