Your October Horoscope Is Here—and It's Very Encouraging

Natalia Benson is a Los Angeles–based tarot and astrological expert, designer, creative, and DJ. True to her astrological assortment (Aries sun sign, Capricorn ascendant, Sagittarius moon), she finds inspiration from a number of creative outlets, including running her namesake jewelry company and deejaying under the name Ninth Child. Make sure to follow Benson on Instagram for monthly inspiration and astral insights; you can also book an astrology or tarot reading with her. Benson will be sharing her insights exclusively with Who What Wear readers every month.

Happy October, everyone! We now find ourselves in sun in Libra, and according to astrology, this is an incredible time to balance and cultivate peace and harmony into our lives. Libra rules all things beautiful, sensuous, and harmonic, so taking time to enjoy the arts, peaceful relationships, and the like are all encouraged. The new moon in Libra (September 30, 2016) just passed, so make sure to start the month with your new intentions. Anything circumventing around balance and relationships is great.

Have a beautiful month, everyone, and read on to see what the cosmos offers your unique sign this month!

Hello, Aries! This month we focus on your life visions, sociability, and friendships. Most importantly, being sure the people in your life are supportive of your goals, plans, and dreams. This month, make time to make a vision board or daydream. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Dream big and get excited about what is coming for you. Enjoy!

Hi, Taurus! This month, make sure to allow yourself time for good sleep, meditation, and self-nurturance. I know you like to stay incredibly productive, but it’s also important to take space for yourself to keep your energy levels high. If you have been feeling completely drained, let this be a sign reminding you to slow down a bit! Journaling, massage, the spa, or deep conversations with someone you trust are also highlighted.

Hi, Gemini! This month marks a reinvention for you—revamping your wardrobe, trying a new hairstyle, and/or just shining your brightest are all highlighted. Celebrating the ways you are unique is important for you this month, Gemini. What makes you special? In work or relationships, what is something that only you bring? Be willing to try new things this month if there’s an area of your life that feels stuck.

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Hi, Cancer! This month is a money-focused month for you. Your stability and ability to save or make a big purchase are all highlighted here. Where do you feel most secure in your life? Where do you feel more productive? If you’ve been wanting to save money, now is a great time to start. If you have been waiting to make a big purchase, October could be a great time to do so. Make sure to consult with a trusted friend or colleague before doing so!

Hi, Leo! This month highlights communication, sociability, and overall busyness for you! Hopefully you took my advice and rested a bit last month. October promises lots of movement, short-distance trips, and opportunities to explore your city. If you get invited out with a new group of friends or to a new restaurant in town, go! Great opportunities could surface from being out and about this month.

Hello, Virgo! This month highlights rest and chill vibes. Your home sector is also highlighted. Can you make a bit of time to sleep more than usual or take care of yourself? Hopefully after all of the excitement of your birthday month, you are ready for some R&R! For October, upgrade your bed, buy some new home décor, or just make your home space an extremely comfortable and nice place for you to relax. A visit to the spa won’t hurt either.

Happy birthday, Libra! This month highlights celebration, joy, and feeling like a kid again. What can you do this month to celebrate and have a good time? Romance, creativity, and play are all highlighted—an amazing way to spend your birthday! Take time to get creative, spend time with your significant other, or just pamper yourself in some way. Hopefully, this is one of your favorite times of the year. Enjoy!

Hi, Scoprio! This month you take pride in balancing work and your health routine. Making sure to get up a bit earlier for Pilates, yoga, or meditation (or any form of exercise) will do wonders for your energy levels, Scorpio. You are getting ready to celebrate your birthday, and having balance in your life is going to feel great. Have an amazing month!

Hi, Sagittarius! This October, relationships, partnerships, and working in harmony color your month. How balanced do your current relationships feel? Are you seeking partnership of some kind, whether in love or business? Take a moment also to evaluate the energy you bring to love and work relationships this month, Sagittarius. Make improvements where needed, because you will need strong relationships moving forward to end your year with a bang!

Hi, Capricorn! October is a deeper time for you—sensuality, intimacy, and your own emotions are highlighted. I know life is busy and it can be hard to pause, especially for a busy Capricorn, but the deeper parts of yourself are calling. If you are in a relationship, take time to make it steamy this month. If not, enjoy your sensuality in a myriad of ways: sultry lingerie, a spa date, a massage, or some other pampering. Enjoy, Capricorn!

Hi, Aquarius! This month, long-distance travel and trying something completely new and different are highlighted for you. Have you been thinking of booking some long-distance airfare or a tropical vacay? This is a wonderful time to do so. Don’t have the time to travel? Trying a language course, dance class, or something completely out of the ordinary. It will revitalize you, especially with a busy schedule.

Hi, Pisces! This month career goals and your work productivity are highlighted. You’ll feel more compelled than usual to really go after goals, deadlines, and anything that brings a successful outcome with your career. This can be one of your most productive and tenacious times of year if you allow it to be.

What do you think of your horoscope? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to keep up to date with our amazing astrologer Natalia Benson on her Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel, and Facebook!

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