The Outfit Trend That's About to Be Everywhere

Aemilia Madden

Adam Katz Sindig

As the new settles in, stylish women are leaning into the next big NYC outfit trend and sporting their own takes on preppy-cool checkered pieces.

Clearly, the city's trendsetters are onto something because a quick browse online proves that many brands are struggling just to keep this seasonal staple in stock. These blazers are flying off the digital shelves, but don't fret—we've found plenty of cool versions that you can still ship straight to your door.

But how to style the outfit trend once you've finally decided to give it a try? We're turning to the street style of New York Fashion Week for inspiration. Below are nine different ways to embrace your inner Blair Waldorf and try the prep-school favourite on for size. While you might have a favourite way to sport a blazer, we're always inclined to offer options. This way, you can wear it every day of the week without ever feeling bored. Ready to tackle the trend?

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