I'm an NYC Fashion Editor--Here's Everything I Recently Added to My Closet

Nicole Kliest

My wardrobe and I have an interesting relationship. It ebbs and flows, you might say. Some months I love what I've edited for myself and can effortlessly pluck an outfit off of the hangers with ease, while in other months I feel that all-too-familiar sense that there is nothing for me to wear (even though there is obviously plenty for me to wear). It's an ever-evolving creative process that I, as a fashion writer and editor, admittedly really care about. If you're reading this, you likely share the same belief that what you put on your body is an expression of your creativity, so for me, the idea of adding and subtracting things in my closet for the greater purpose of feeling confident and expressive is something I get joy out of.

This season I've found myself gravitating toward jewellery and accessories, which is always an inspiring endeavour due to the fact that shoemakers and jewellers always have such interesting stories about the way their products are crafted. I've also stocked up on some winter essentials like knits and outerwear and even slipped in a few festive fête-ready pieces, like a velvet hair bow. To help inspire your own December stylings, I assembled a list of what I recently added to my wardrobe so you can shop the pieces you love and maybe even discover a new brand or two!

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