I Gave Myself an NYC-Girl Makeover—See the Pics

Kristen Nichols

Last week, I travelled to NYC for a trip packed with meetings and dinners with friends. Before I left L.A., though, I spent a few nights staring at an empty suitcase. I've actually lived in NYC before, but it was my first time back in almost two years, and I felt a little out of practice dressing for the city. Would I be able to wear my new strappy sandals? Did I need a puffer coat?

The natural place to start, for me, was versatile turtlenecks and cropped sweaters to wear with skirts, jeans, and high-waisted trousers. Here’s the interesting part: I actually didn’t purchase many new pieces for my trip. I just wore pieces from my existing wardrobe along with a couple of new coats I had ordered before plans for my trip even came together. (Obviously L.A.’s perpetually 70-degree weather hadn’t allowed me to wear them yet.)

The real lesson in reteaching myself how to dress for New York City was to craft outfits from buildable layers. But also, to skip the strappy sandals. Even though I packed them, in the end, I didn’t wear them once. It was all about comfortable boots that could get me from the subway, through Central Park, and anywhere else I needed to go walking over 14,000 steps a day through Manhattan. Ahead, see and shop the NYC outfits I wore.

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