Is This the Ultimate NYC Fashion Uniform?

Aemilia Madden


Carrie Bradshaw may be considered the ultimate NYC fashion icon, but let's not pretend her out-there outfits were ever realistic. For many New Yorkers, the ideal uniform is something more utilitarian: head-to-toe black. Residents may joke about an intensity and seriousness that comes with wearing the hue, but, whether Manhattanites admit it or not, part of the appeal of an all-black uniform is that is easy to throw together (crucial since NYC residents are always rushing somewhere).

We know that all black is often written off as being boring, but there are plenty of trendsetters that prove that just isn't the case. Below, we're highlighting exactly how stylish NYC women make black ensembles feel totally fresh. Then, to help you get each look for yourself, we're offering up a little shopping, too. If you aren't convinced yet, you'll soon know that black and boring just don't go together.

Read on to see how stylish women pull off the ultimate New York City uniform.

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