I Dug Through Nordstrom's Big Sale—34 Epic Finds I Want in My Cart Right Now

Nordstrom sale shopping 2022: best finds


Eleven Six Cardigan; Hannah Jewett Candle; Adina's Jewels Ring; Valentino Garavani Heels; Collina Strada Mask; Molly Goddard Dress.

Being the shopping-obsessed person that I am, I am accustomed to shopping for hours on end and coming home with nothing (I get it from my mom). So when I was browsing Nordstrom's sale section, I really was just happy to be there and did not expect to find what awaits you below. I already know the reactions to this article will include a lot of “oohs and ahhs" because that was me after discovering some of these finds, so go make some tea and get comfortable because, honey, I have some things to show you!

I've collected everything from a Blumarine-esque denim skirt to the most elegant leather dress that I can picture some of WWW editors wearing at fashion week, and epic buckled heels that give MiuMiu a run for its money. What's more, now's a great time to invest in winter upgrades to your closet while a lot of them are heavily discounted. Keep scrolling to find everything I either want or currently have in my Nordstrom cart. I hope you like a little competition because these special finds won't last for long! Start your engines…

Get her before she's gone! Pair with a miniskirt for a very on-trend look.

It's hard to get a better fit than this—fitted at the waist and baggy below. Perfection.

Levi's forever! The super high waist on these looks great with crop tops.

The faded whiskers tell a story of all the times you wore them before.

Everything from the raw hemline to the low-rise fit is so 2000. I love it.

In case you haven't heard, silver is fast becoming the jewelry metal of choice.

Cozy and perfect for the winter temperatures in L.A.

Expect to have this Nanushka piece in your closet forever.

The grounded, chunky flats I've been searching for.

Another Nanushka find that is well worth it given the number of wears you'll get out of it.

As life speeds up again, sometimes you just need to put on a jumpsuit and call it a day.

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