This Athleisure Brand Reigns Supreme—Here Are 15 Cool Ways Fashion Girls Wear It



When it comes to streetwear and athleisure, it's no big secret that Nike is one one of the biggest players in the game. The sneaker brand has successfully turned itself into a fashion powerhouse thanks to ranges like Nike Sportswear (or NSW) that combine cutting-edge athletic fabrics with ripped-from-the-runway silhouettes, not to mention its steady stream of smash-hit sneaker drops.

It is likely, then, that you have at least a piece or two from the brand hanging out in your wardrobe. So with that in mind, we culled some of the most stylish Instagram accounts out there to dig up the best Nike outfits for women. Some of these are small tweaks on looks you're probably already wearing on the regular, but keep reading to discover ways to seriously push the athleisure envelope.

When it comes to thinking outside the athleisure box, it helps to start from the shoes up. Styling your favorite Nike kicks with cargo pants and a blazer is the ultimate mix of sporty and chic. 

A hoodie-and-blazer combo like the one here is exactly what we are going to wear the next time we have to go to work but just can't completely get out of our pajamas. You could get away with sneakers in this outfit, but going for a pair of polished pumps helps keep things feeling elevated. 

Crisp tennis shoes are a playful twist on classic athleisure and perfectly nail this season's preppy-with-an-edge trend. 

White Hammer-style pants, a figure-flattering black bodysuit, and sky-high heels are about to be your favorite night-out outfit. 

When you're off-duty but still want to look like you've made an effort, go for an athleisure look in creamy neutrals and a playful metallic sneaker.

Though we're not suggesting you cut the back out of your blazer to show off the Nike logo, throwing a tan linen jacket over an otherwise sporty outfit is an easy way to polish off a look. 

This is a seriously glam take on a Nike outfit for women. We're ditching the faux-fur coat for now, but if spring hasn't quite sprung yet for you, feel free to layer one on.