Nike's New Jordans Are The Pretty Sneakers You've Been Waiting For

Anna LaPlaca

Courtesy Nike

The Jordan sneaker has been an iconic staple in Nike’s brand portfolio for years, paying tribute to the legendary career of its namesake athlete. The high-top sneaker was synonymous with basketball culture and, for that reason, it had a primarily male fan base. Now Nike is breaking out its women’s collection to add three newer, more modern takes on the classic Jordan shape. Whether reimagined in suede, satin or an enticing array of pretty pastel hues, we’re calling it: this season’s Jordans won’t just be popular amongst “sneakerheads" but hypebaes, fashion girls and everyone in between, too.

With a big name like R&B singer SZA repping the new sneakers, it isn’t hard to see why people are getting excited for this new era of the Jordan brand. Sneaker culture in general is finding its way into the fashion space and, for that matter, onto the radar of popular culture. Whereas the uber-cool yet intimidating sneakers would have been seen as an obscure interest not long ago, now it seems everyone is getting in the trend and quite frankly we couldn’t be happier. Brands are taking note and it’s exciting to see powerhouses like Nike designing a traditional men’s shoe in styles that women (and really just everyone) can appreciate. Thank you, Nike, for getting us pumped for this next wave of pretty sneakers. Below, find out what's in store this spring.

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