I want to wear some of my spring sundresses, but it's still too cold outside! Ho


The idea that you can only wear spring pieces when it's warm out and fall pieces when it's cold is totally irrelevant. These days, it's all about the mix! The trick to getting the most wears out of your breezy or barely-there dresses is to simply add layers. Depending on the silhouette of the dress, you might be able to wear it over a lightweight long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck. (Note: this works best if the dress has a collar or a crew neckline and is sleeveless.) If the undershirt trick doesn't work, just throw on a cardigan in either a chunky cotton knit or elegantly thin cashmere. To make sure the sweater doesn't overwhelm your shape, wear it unbuttoned and add a belt at your natural waist. Cynthia Rowley makes some amazing belt options this season; the bright colours are so cute! I'd also suggest adding tights to the equation, ideally an opaque or ribbed pair. If your dress is a lighter colour, you might want to try grey tights, but if your dress is a bright or bold colour, black matte tights are your best bet. As for your footwear, a closed-toe shoe is probably the easiest choice. For daytime, a textured oxford in a light hue would look amazing with black tights or you can add some edge with studded ankle boots. Otherwise you might want to consider something a little unexpected, like a chunky metallic sandal with a wooden heel. Simply wear all of the above with your favourite jacket-maybe the classic trench I mentioned last week as a must-have for every wardrobe-and you'll be set!

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