The 7 Things New York Girls Are Wearing Now

Aemilia Madden

New York is packed with trendsetters putting their own spins on the must-try pieces of 2017. Part of what sets New Yorkers apart is their ability to mix casual-cool staples with statement pieces in a way that feels fresh and exciting.

Luckily, just because your current geotag may be somewhere different, doesn't mean you can't take a cue or two from NYC girls. To help you master their style, we rounded up seven trends currently blowing up the streets of NYC. From the next must-have bootie, to the jeans you should try (hint: they aren't skinnies), we're breaking it all down, and offering some shopping too. These must-haves work on Sydney, Melbourne and we're sure they will work wherever your home is, too.

Read on to check out the seven trends NYC girls love right now, and to shop them too!

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