This Is the NYC Girl's Summer Uniform

Aemilia Madden

Courtesy HVN/BFA

In New York City, Memorial Day marks the start of rosé season, the return of the wafting scent of footpath garbage, rooftop celebrations, and last but not least, summer dressing. New Yorkers may be typecast as cynical, but as soon as the final dregs of the cold season drain away, the city is bursting with an unparalleled energy—everyone just wants to have a good time (and to dress for the occasion).

Right on time with the long-awaited arrival of the best time of year, HVN designer Harley Viera-Newton is launching a summer shop alongside other NYC favourites Liana Clothing and Susan Alexandra. "New York style is definitely eclectic. I get so inspired by all the different outfits I see every time I leave the house," says Viera-Newton. "It's fun and exciting while also remaining effortless and chic." When asked to describe her summer uniform, Viera-Newton notes that she's a sucker for cherry prints in general, but she settles on her signature print dresses and a pair of hoop earrings by designer Alison Lou. The designer notes that the beauty of her dresses are the versatility, noting that in NYC, "I've seen dresses styled with everything from sandals and heels to ballet flats and combat boots."

So if you're shopping for a look to try in New York (or beyond) check out her pieces, along with more from the summer shop, below!

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