We Didn’t Expect to See This Colour Everywhere at New York Fashion Week


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While we’ve had royal blue and lavender pegged as “it colours” for this year, one surprising colour is making quite the appearance at New York Fashion Week. Look at any collection of street style images, and it’s almost difficult not to notice that yellow is popping up everywhere—in every form.

Granted, we did expect a lot of bright colours, but we were thinking they’d take the form of jewel-tones versus this sunny hue. Don’t get us wrong, we love yellow (it is the colour of happiness after all), but it definitely gets a bad rep for being a unflattering. Call us pleasantly surprised, however, because street style stars are proving that bright cheery yellow is actually quite fun.

We’ve seen it in nearly every form: Bags, coats, turtlenecks, and layered under jackets, and it could be time to forget the whole idea that wearing yellow will wash you out, it appears to do quite the opposite. Maybe this is just sartorial rebellion against New York’s gloomy weather, but we think that this trend will prove to continue even after fashion week is over.

Click through the gallery below to see our favourite street style moments featuring this unexpected colour:


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