8 Fresh Nail Colors to Try This New Year's Eve

The countdown to 2021 has officially begun, which means you only have a little bit longer to decide what you’ll be wearing to ring in the New Year. Of course, a head-to-toe ensemble doesn’t just stop at your clothes. In fact, it doesn’t even stop at your hair and makeup. And if you’re planning on finishing up 2020 with complete style, there are plenty of chic nail polish colors to wear for New Year’s Eve.

Whether you’re the type of person who prefers to sparkle like a disco ball on the night of December 31 or you plan to go for a more subtle (or non-cliché) look for the night, there’s a pretty polish that’ll suit your ensemble perfectly. From a classic glitter topcoat to a metallic finish and a vibrant neon to a deep shade of red, scroll down to see the coolest shades we’ll be wearing this New Year’s Eve. Once you’ve found the one to wear with your look, we guarantee your outfit will be complete.

1. Edgy Black

2. Mystical Metallics

3. Deep Bordeaux

4. Disco Daze

5. Glitz and Glamour

6. Neon Accents

7. Matte Nudes

8. Sheer Simplicity

And now, check out the popular nail colors we're experimenting with.

This story was published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.

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