If You Hate Dresses, Wear This on New Year's Eve Instead

Don’t get us wrong—we love the idea of wearing dresses to holiday parties during this festive time of year. That said, more likely than not, you have a handful of fêtes scheduled throughout the remainder of 2018, and after attending even just a few, you might find yourself with dress fatigue. Unfortunately, the cause of this is often confusion on what to wear instead versus a breadth of bubbling outfit inspiration. Not to worry, though; we’ve got you. New Year’s Eve outfits (that don’t include dresses) are easier to create than you might think. This year, we’re taking a cue from some of our favorite It girls.

Rather than wearing a standard party dress for the special night, try wearing for a head-turning metallic pantsuit or jumpsuit for an equally festive approach. Or, opt for a chic skirt and a blouse for an ensemble that’ll never go out of style. If you’re feeling bold, pull out all the stops with a cool sequin top layered over a sweater and a skirt—now’s a better time than ever to go big.

Without a doubt, these ladies will give you the right amount of inspiration as you plan out your NYE look. Scroll down to see all their outfits, and then wear them right into 2019.

Be sure to save these—you'll want to wear them year after year.