Easy (and Refined) Outfit Ideas You Can Recreate for New Year’s Eve

Amanda Bardas

Is wearing anything but an all-black look just not on your agenda this festive season? No doubt that counts for more than just a few of you. Black is the universal 'fashion girl' uniform and a go-to for women everywhere. It's easy, always looks sleek (and you can get away with spillage without anyone noticing). The best part about an all-black look, is that it will always look chic, but to make it look more party than business, it pays to trial a few styling tricks. Like playing with different fabrics and textures, adding statement-worthy accessories, or showing off some skin.

Click through for seven all-black outfit ideas, suitable for your end-of-year parties.

If you already wear black, chances are you have a wardrobe full of it, and don't need to shop any more pieces. But if you're feeling inspired, head over to the Net-a-Porter sale and start adding to cart.

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