My Targeted Ads Are Stalking Me—and I Bought All These Items Because of Them

My targeted ads are comin’ in hot. I only need to whisper the words “I want a yellow sweater,” and the next thing you know, my computer screen looks like spilled corn chowder. I swear the store can hear me. What’s worse is that I then inevitably deviate from that word I was trying to find on Thesaurus and fall down a shopping rabbit hole of all the things that I could buy to wear with said yellow sweater. And therein lies the power of Google ads!

Targeted ads may be the ultimate cause of my procrastination, but they’re also the reason I now own a cool beige leather dress, chic floss heels, oh and the prettiest yellow sweater. Sometimes you just need that extra nudge of encouragement on an item you had fleetingly thought about buying, and just like a terrible ex your targeted ads will swoop right in with their charming good looks, luring you into thinking, You really need me, and will stalk you until you cave.

And because I caved one too many times, I’d like to share with you my recent purchases I bought because of all the targeted ads that have been stalking me.

My Targeted Ads Are Stalking Me



The Strappy Sandals I Googled Because I've Reached Peak Boot Fatigue

It's still freezing out, but I'd like to see my toes again real soon. Luckily, my computer could not stop yelling, "You need these!" So as soon as the temps creep above 65, I'll be slipping into these of-the-moment strappy sandals. 

A Sweater that Makes Me Feel Like It's Nearly Spring

My ads like to remind me spring has nearly sprung. And the only way I will get in the new-season mood is with a lightweight transitional knit in this season's trending yellow hue.

The Flash Sale Purchase I Couldn't Bear to Miss

Only four more days left for up to 25% off sitewide at Shopbop! Act fast, my targeted ads said! This will be your only chance, they said! So I bagged myself a trendy mock-croc designer bag.

The Under-$50 Buy (Where You Actually End Up Spending $200)

Wait, this beige knit skirt is only $30? That's a crazy, amazing deal, Judith—and you'll wear it all through spring. It would also look good with these $80 suede boots and this turquoise rib-knit top. See what happens?

The Cult Item Dominating My Insta Feed

You can't scroll Instagram without a seeing a cool fashion girl donning a luxurious leather piece—whether it's culotte leather pants, a leather button-down shirt, or a sumptuous buttery leather dress. All I needed was an extra nudge of encouragement from my internet pursuers to convince me to pull the trigger.

Loose-Fit Jeans Because the Model Looks So Good in Them

I am never not looking for new jeans, and this season’s trending looser fit has been on my wish list. Fortunately, this model that looks ridiculously good in jeans convinced me to buy these while I went to check the weather today.

The Persistent Reminder I Need a New Nude Bra

The bonus of targeted ads stalking you all the time is that they serve as a handy reminder that you haven't done laundry in a really long time and that having a second nude bra on hand would be really convenient right about now.

An Extravagant (and Expensive) Fancy Dress I Accidentally Clicked on After a Night Out

Okay, so I didn't actually buy this, but I may have accidentally clicked on it once in the past because it is so darn fancy and fun and fabulous and basically sums up everything I want to be! Plus, how cool would this look on my Insta feed? Oh well. A girl can dream.

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