Hot Pants Are Back—and Yes, They're Hotter Than Ever

In case you're wondering, no, hot pants aren't called "hot pants" just because women look "hot" in them (which they most certainly do, by the way). While the term "hot" was tacked on to the style name back in the '50s due to the shock factor they brought, this trend is one that women originally broke out in protest of their expected dress code at the time. Longer hems and an overall modest aesthetic were the norm back in the day, but that didn't keep women from showing off their bodies loud and proud with the evolution of short shorts. We continued to see the rise of this trend from the '50s through the '70s, and believe it or not, in the year 2020, as they're back and hotter than ever. 

While this trend is certainly here to stay, it has also evolved quite a bit. I don't want to chalk up the rise of knit hot pants, in particular, to the current at-home climate, but it sure as hell is convenient. Hot pants made a major impact on the spring/summer 2020 runways and were styled in such diverse ways that we knew it was only a matter of time before the trend started bubbling in the real world as well. As aforementioned, fashion girls are currently taking a particular liking to the knit styles, but there are plenty of tailored and structured versions to combat the loungewear aesthetic as well. 

Ahead, check out how fashion girls are currently wearing the new hot-pants trend, and then shop some of the most stylish versions available. 

Sick of leggings and sweatpants? Try a pair of knit hot pants instead. I can guarantee the comfort level will remain the same but your aesthetic will increase tenfold. 

New Hot Pants Trend



The next time you're craving a major leg moment, swap your miniskirt or dress for a pair of hot pants. Since they make such a statement, the styling can be simple. Just add a tank top and pumps and you're out the door.

New Hot Pants Trend



Hot pants have also surfaced in more tailored and structured forms versus the cozy and soft vibe that has been trending on Instagram. Thanks to brands like Jacquemus and Saint Laurent, there are polished hot pants aplenty. 

Clearly, the knit-on-knit trend was not ready to retire with the fall and winter season. This summer, pair your favorite cardigan with the short shorts of your choice for a warm-weather look to remember. 

Blazer styling in the summertime can be tricky, but thanks to this new shorts trend, the go-to summer blazer look has never been more clear. All you need is a bra top, micro-mini shorts, and a boxy blazer. 

Juxtapose the shocking lack of length on your shorts with an oversize tank top. With simple sandals and minimal jewelry, I promise this look will be as easy to assemble as jeans and a T-shirt. 

When it comes to this trend, the more knits, the better. If you can get your hands on this sold-out Zara co-ord situation, I highly encourage you to buy it without thinking twice. 

Hot pants at home? Duh. For the most part, this trend has surfaced within the loungewear category which we love at this particular time, but as you can see, the more tailored versions are following swiftly behind. 

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