5 Fashion Items That Will Take Over L.A. Next Year

Best New Fashion Items 2019



Hello—it’s your eager-beaver friends here already fast-forwarding through the holiday jam and into the New Year, and you guessed it: We’re beelining it straight to your closet to share the items that are sure to big hits in the fashion scene in 2019. While we’re focusing on the pieces that we predict to be popular in Los Angeles, we have a hunch these five items will also be hits among the fashion crowd as a whole.

We tapped our L.A. editors to share the trends they see bubbling up now and predict to grow into sellouts over the next two months and into the New Year. Erin is all about drawstring bags and embracing the evening look, and Kristen is anticipating cardigans to reign superior, with must-haves from brands like The Row and 3x1. I’m putting my money on logomania as I foresee the trend leaking into footwear thanks to runway looks at Fendi and Chanel. As for the rest of our Los Angeles–based editorial team, you’ll have to scroll to down to see which items made it on their list. Ahead, find the editor-approved fashion items that are sure to take over the West Coast next year.

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"Get ready for nouveau cardigans, everyone. Whether oversize versions worn braless and buttoned just at the top like Bella Hadid or cropped styles paired with denim like Parisian Jeanne Damas, cardigans will have a new, cooler life in 2019." — Kristen Nichols

"Heart jewelry is bubbling now, and I expect it to get bigger in the New Year, especially among the Los Angeles crowd, who don't take their style choices too seriously. L.A.-based brand Bagatiba has a cult following, and they're doubling down on the trend with these locket earrings. I love the product description: 'Keep all four grandparents who are low talkers close to your ears.'" — Kat Collings

Logomania is nowhere near losing its popularity. I'm taking note from the spring runway shows at Fendi and Chanel and predicting logo-stamped footwear to be the focus come 2019.

"Polarizing as they may be, bike shorts aren't going away anytime soon. Actually, they're only getting more creative, and it'll be L.A.'s experimental fashion crowd who will be the first to test out all the new unexpected colors and bold prints that bike shorts will be offered in next year." — Anna LaPlaca

"I've been noticing some cute drawstring pouch bags, and I think there will be a lot more next year. It's a cute alternative to an evening clutch or bag." — Erin Fitzpatrick

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