The Engagement Ring Trend No One Saw Coming

Allyson Payer

Engagement season (yep, it's a thing) is fast approaching, so it's a given that we've had the latest emerging trends on the brain—especially the ones that may not have hit the mainstream yet. And for the inside intel, we knew just the person to fill us in: fashion girl–favourite NYC-based jewellery designer Anna Sheffield. We've long been fans of Sheffield's breathtakingly unique designs, not to mention her dreamy Instagram account. Sheffield is always hip to the latest trends, and she has a bevy of cool customers constantly seeking out her pieces, so she knows what's trending in the world of engagement rings better than anyone.

When we asked Sheffield about the most surprising up-and-coming engagement ring trend is, her response was unexpected indeed. Says Sheffield, "Beyond the uptick in a more personal, unique approach to engagement rings—both from designers and consumers, which we address in our brand across all of the collections—I would say the desire for semiprecious or precious coloured stones has become more prevalent in our clientele. We use a lot of neutral shades in quartz, moonstone, and warm tones like champagne diamonds and morganite, which is a lovely pink-to-peach sister to the emerald."

Read on to shop gorgeous semiprecious and precious coloured-stone engagement rings by Anna Sheffield and a few other cool designers.

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