You Need to Know About These 5 New Brands on Net-a-Porter

Nicole Akhtarzad

For a fashion brand, nothing says “you’ve made it” quite like the approval and endorsement of everyone’s favourite e-tailer, Net-a-Porter.  Not only because being sold on Net-a-Porter means every fashionable person on the planet is about to be exposed to your line, but also, it puts you cyber-side-by-side with the likes of Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain and more. Now, if that’s not an ego boost, what is?

So, recently when we noticed more than a few new brands on NAP’s fall roster, we thought it be fitting to put them on your radar, before their pieces are all sold out. While you may recognise a few of them already, such as Magda Butyrum who we profiled in March and Ganni, which is already a blogger hit, prepare to look at them in a whole new light, as they’re about to catapult to superstar status.

Scroll through to see and shop these and the rest of the brands we’re projecting are only going to get bigger!

Which of these brands is your favourite? Tell us in the comments! 

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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