The #1 Thing Naomi Campbell Has Learned From Her 30-Year Career

Erin Fitzpatrick

Having a successful career for 30 years and counting is a feat for anyone, but it's an especially impressive accomplishment in the notoriously youth-dominated modelling industry. Naomi Campbell recently celebrated her three-decade milestone by publishing a coffee table book of her work, and now she's doling out some sage advice she's picked up along the way. 

In a new interview with CNN Style TV, Campbell talked with Derek Blasberg about the secret to her career longevity. "If you like what you do, no matter what it is, what career you choose, you're going to do it will all your passion and enthusiasm and to the best of your ability," she told CNN. "That's how I try to look at everything I commit to."

And when it comes to hitting her major 30-year milestone, Campbell is taking it all in stride. "I don't think about age and years, I just do what I do," Campbell told CNN. "I try to stay within the day and I try to stay positive and enthusiastic about what I commit myself to do." Are you taking notes yet? 

What do you think of Campbell's advice? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop her limited-edition coffee table book!

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