The 8 Must-Have Spring Items Your Closet Is Missing

Don't even think about buying anything else for your spring wardrobe until you consider the eight pieces ahead. Thanks to the constant fashion updates bloggers give us via social media, we can stay in the know when it comes to what our closet needs at that exact moment in time. While you might still be dreaming about that coat you "need" that just went on sale, or that overpriced bag you finally talked yourself into considering, those are items you can get later. In other words, you don't need them right now, but you do need the items ahead.

From crisp new dad sneakers to the perfect spring dress, the must-have spring items fashion girls are loving are items you will love just as much. Plus, thinking about your spring wardrobe in terms of only eight items is much more approachable than aimlessly filling your cart until you don't even know what you want anymore. Shopping needs to be strategic, and with this list, you'll never venture off the beaten path.

Go on to shop the eight must-have spring items your closet is missing.