Get Ready—This New Trend Is About to Take Over 2018

Lauren Eggertsen

Collage Vintage 

It may or may not be obvious, but as editors, we see a lot of product day in and day out. The past month has been filled with meetings to preview the spring 2018 collections, and there was one particular trend that stood out among the rest. To be completely transparent with you (maybe this just applies to me), jewellery trends can be pretty tricky to spot, but after dozens of previews and a little research, it's safe to say that rainbow-stone jewellery will be a 2018 trend you'll see all over the place.

Jewellery designers presented collections beaming with colourful stones and pavé carefully placed on rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. The best part of this festive trend is that it complements the dainty gold pieces we know you're so obsessed with. Don't worry—the word "rainbow" can sound a bit overwhelming, but the pieces are of course tasteful and delicate, the kind of jewellery items worth investing in.

Go on to shop the new rainbow-stone jewellery trend we know will be huge in 2018.

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