The 20 Most Searched-For Fashion Items Across the World

Hannah Almassi

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This month, Who What Wear UK is shifting the fashion focus from our home turf to exploring international style: Welcome to our Global Fashion Gang.

Not only can trends whizz around the globe within an instant, but they can also start at any given moment, in any given time zone, from any possible geographic coordinates. Ukraine is a new secret source for fresh fashion brands; Spain is producing more cool bloggers and shoe labels than I've had hot dinners; big spenders in India are putting that economy on the map in a big, big way (it's actually replaced China as the most promising retail environment); French girls influence us on a daily basis to dress in a sassier, more laissez-faire way. And yet, despite all of these very visible goings on—Instagram is nothing if not primarily responsible for this movement—you'll still find that local looks, must-haves, and shopping desires do still differ.

That's why we reached out to the clever people at fashion search engine Lyst to dig a little deeper. What's trending in Tokyo? What's everyone looking at in Portugal? Does Mexico have its very own It bag right now? The results of the most searched-for items this year according to Lyst's data are below. Some might surprise, and some might make you want to up sticks and move to a different country if your personal style appears to be a perfect match… I think I'll book a flight to Brazil.

Next up, shop the lingerie trends popping up all over Instagram.

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