This Shoe Style Is Dominating, and It's Not Going Anywhere

Anna LaPlaca

Think about your shoe collection. I'll bet that you own (at least one pair of) ankle boots, flat sandals, white sneakers, and block heels. It's safe to say that despite whichever shoe trends emerge, these staples will always be stylish. Well, now there's one more shoe style that we can safely say has solidified into its status as a seasonless must-have: mules. The hybrid shoes started to take over last year and now they're completely dominating the market.

I spoke to Emma Griffen, a retail analyst at WGSN, who confirmed it. "Retailers are capitalising on the mule's hybrid between comfortability and fashionability, increasing their stock from 42.3% to 56.4% growth in new-in styles year over year," she shared. "Their versatile nature eases their adoption into shopper’s wardrobes and will continue to do so into A/W 18/19 as consumer spending will continue to tighten; meaning shoppers will need more for their money in order to justify a purchase. Worn with any outfit and suitable across all ages, shoppers see real value with a mule so we won’t be seeing these styles leaving our high streets for seasons to come."

Whether kitten heels or block heels, pointed or round toe, the extremely versatile shoes are no longer just a fashion girl favourite, everyone agrees that they're the most popular shoes right now. Since I'm certain that the shoes are worthy of an investment, go on to shop my favourite pairs.

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