This Is Actually the #1 Outfit L.A. Girls Wear

Bobby Schuessler

Over a recent weekend, I decided to take a little break from shopping and do a bit of people watching at The Grove (an outdoor in Los Angeles where I live). While I was sitting in the middle of the shopping center (eating a soft pretzel, FYI), I began to notice a pattern among the coolest shoppers’ outfits. It seemed every single girl (I’m talking seven in the scope of about 20 minutes) stuck to one outfit formula: a white or black tee/blouse, denim shorts or a miniskirt, and either sneakers or black ankle boots—essentially the perfectly cool L.A. uniform. After researching some of our favourite California-based celebs, bloggers, and influencers, I quickly realised that yes, this is the ensemble all the L.A. girls wear. And to be honest, this look works for every type of person—no matter where you’re from. It’s easy, chill, and stylish (and perfect for the Australian spring).

Keep scrolling to check out how all the L.A. girls wear this uniform. Plus, go a bit further to shop the go-to outfit too.

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