11 Classic Jewellery Trends That Never Lose Their Popularity

Gina Marinelli

Blame it on our love of shiny metals, beautifully coloured crystals, and architectural shapes, but we’re always game to try out a strong jewellery trend. Whether we spot them on the runways of fashion week or on our favourite Instagram stars, these bold styles encourage us to personalise our looks and push the envelope a bit. However, when it comes to the jewellery that we never take off and wear as though it’s a second skin, what we choose often has little to do with what’s of-the-moment and more with what styles will speak to us forever. According to those in the know, there are specific designs that never lose their lustre.

In order to identify the classic jewellery that’s always in demand, we turned to four major designers to shed light on what their own customers can’t get enough of. This includes Spinelli Kilcollin, Ariel Gordon, and Stephanie Gottlieb, all of their respective eponymous lines, as well as Shelley Gibbs Sanders of The Last Line.

Below are the 11 jewellery trends that they say stand the test of time. Feel free to stay experimental, but we’re thinking the pieces ahead are purchases to make for the sake of the long haul.

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