The Most Popular Halloween Costume Ideas on Pinterest

We look to Pinterest a lot when it comes to creating inspirational and insightful content for our readers. We’ve covered the most creative ways to store jewelry, the accounts to follow for style inspiration, the ones to watch for fresh ways to wear your denim, where you’ll find the best jewelry-layering combinations, and the specific fashion photos with the most pins. Which brings us to today’s story: the most popular Halloween costume ideas found on Pinterest.

From classic characters to adorable ways to dress like your favorite sweet treat, when you search “Halloween costume ideas” in the DIY-sharing platform, these are a few of the costume ideas you’ll find. The best part? Each concept includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to create the Pinterest-popular costume. Scroll down to find out which idea has over 87K (and counting) repins.


Everett Collection/Rex Feature

Number of repins: over 26.6K

Learn how to create a Mary Poppins costume

Number of repins: over 14.4K

Learn how to create a pineapple costume.


Steve Evans, Citizen of the World 

Number of repins: over 87.4K

Learn how to create a scarecrow costume.

Number of repins: over 43K

Learn how to create a vampire costume.


The Ronald Grant Archive

Number of repins: over 27.5K

Learn how to create a Wednesday Addams costume.

Number of repins: over 19.1K

Learn how to create a Where’s Waldo? costume.