This Engagement Ring Style Is "Overwhelmingly" Popular Right Now

Allyson Payer

Kevork Djansezian/Stringer/Getty Images

Engagement season starts around the holidays and wraps up around Valentine's Day each year, which means that it's in full swing right now. We're always all ears when it comes to the engagement ring styles that people are most enamoured with, so when Sparkly shared its recent findings with us, we took notes.

First of all, Sparkly is a new hub for all things engagement ring shopping and style inspiration. The site uses its innovative technology to allow you to browse and filter engagement ring selfies to see how ring sizes, styles, diamond shapes look on a hand similar to yours. They're clearly tuned into what type of rings people want and shared with us that the most popular diamond cut from late 2017 was "overwhelmingly" round stones (à la Meghan Markle). Sparkly also divulged that Asscher and cushion stones are trending, solitaires are the most popular ring setting, and the most common carat weight is one to one and a half.

Since they're "overwhelmingly" popular right now, shop round-stone rings we love below.

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