The Fashion Item That People Are Buying Less of May Shock You

According to Forbes, sales for a certain wardrobe staple are on the decline, and we're admittedly shocked. When you follow fashion, it can seem unthinkable that everyone doesn't want the latest It bag, but that seems to be exactly the case. Forbes just reported that handbag sales are down 8% from 2016, which is quite a lot considering what a huge sector of the retail business handbags are. But people have to have somewhere to put their stuff, so what are they buying instead?

Forbes has something to say about that too. The publication points out that at the Outdoor Retailer trade show that took place over the summer, market research company NPD Group presented statistics proving that sales of backpacks among women are up by 15%, and duffle bag sales are up by 17%. This shift shows that these bag styles made of technical materials coincide with the popularity of athleisure clothing, and people are starting to use their functional outdoor gear on a daily basis.

Keep scrolling to shop stylish backpacks and duffle bags to carry instead of handbags, in case you're on board with this shift.

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