The #1 Most Photogenic Jean Style, According to a Celeb Stylist

Micaela Erlanger

When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a little like cooking the perfect meal—it takes precision, creativity, and a little bit of luck. After all, it’s not just about finding the right size or length. Instead, scoping out the right pair is also a juggling act between wash, cut, and style. That being said, no wardrobe is complete without a pair that fits just so. Sure, there’s a dash of trial and error that comes along with the process, but every woman can find a pair of jeans that makes her look and feel amazing.

Read more for the one style I have found is almost universally flattering for my clients.

What is your go-to style of jeans? Share your favourite styles in the comments below.

Opening Image: Keishikibi, Stockholm Street Style, Stefano Coletti, Style du Monde

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