Jane Birkin Says There's "Nothing More Beautiful" Than This Outfit

Allyson Payer

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It's been 50 years since Jane Birkin's meteoric rise to fame, and it's safe to say that fashion girls still turn to the iconic British It girl for inspiration every single day. Now, at the age of 71, the musician and former model and actress is still as busy as ever, having just released her latest album, Birkin Gainsbourg : le symphonique. Timed with the album's release and an impending tour, Birkin spoke to Harper's Bazaar about her long career and reflected on her style since it's still of acute interest to the world. 

We're always intrigued when women speak to having a uniform, and it comes as no surprise that Birkin said she solidified hers about 20 years ago. Women around the world are still inspired by her fondness for basket bags, high-rise denim, mini dresses, and off-the-shoulder tops. Present-day, Birkin says to Harper's Bazaar of her aforementioned uniform, "To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than a simple cashmere jersey paired with boyfriend jeans or trousers. I was never particularly into high heels, and always go back to my old Converse with the sheepskin linings that I put in myself." We couldn't think of a more timeless, comfortable outfit combination. Shop it for yourself below.

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