3 Universally Attractive Outfits, According to Science

Aemilia Madden

When it comes to the outfits that set you apart, turning to science may seem like a surprising choice, but the facts don't lie. And since there's no equation that helps you get dressed in the morning (if only it were so easy), when scientific studies take style seriously, we’re apt to listen. Ever wondered what really makes for the most attractive outfit? We turned to the data to find out what fashion choices men find most alluring. According to science, there are a few important things to consider.

First off, when it comes to colour, red truly stands out from the crowd. Other style choices like wearing high heels, accentuating your waist, and showing a bit of shoulder make a difference too. While we advocate wearing whatever look makes you feel best, it’s hard to resist taking tips from the cold, hard facts. Based on the results of the studies, we found three universally chic looks that cover the bases. Give these outfits a spin, and you’ll feel confident you've got the answer.

Read on to see the three universally attractive outfits and to shop them for yourself!

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