This CFDA Winner Just Launched a New Graphic T-Shirt Brand

Nicole Kliest

A couple of weeks ago, we met with designers Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos behind the newly launched clothing brand Monogram. You may have heard of the two before. Mayock co-founded the fashion label Vena Cava in 2004 with fellow Parsons student Sophie Buhai, and Halmos launched the men’s design firm Shipley & Halmos with business partner Sam Shipley, which debuted in 2008. Fast-forward a decade, and the husband-and-wife duo is tapping into that entrepreneurial spirit once again with a company (which launched today, by the way) that revolves around making amazing iterations of one universal closet staple: the graphic tee.

“It’s the same thing we’ve heard over and over again: There’s a hole in the market,” Mayock explained. “And I’m a huge vintage T-shirt fan and have a big collection, and it’s something I’ve gotten a lot of comments and compliments on. Nowadays, vintage T-shirts are super expensive [because] dealers have gotten hip to the fact that that’s what everyone wants. We were looking around and doing research and noticed it was really difficult to find shirts that were new but still hit that same vintage sensibility. So we decided to create our own.”

Well, create their own they did—and take it from this editor: They are incredibly soft, and the graphics and fits are destined to be seen on every cool girl you know.

Why not join the fun and grab one for yourself below?

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