Modern Jewellery Pieces That Will Make You Reconsider Pearls

Hilary George-Parkin

There's far more to pearl jewellery than the delicate, Jackie O.–style necklaces and preppy stud earrings that reign among the country club set. For something a little more exciting, look to designers who make the gems (real or faux) look sleek and modern, whether as an accent on a chic choker or as the centrepiece of a dainty diamond ring.

Their traditional associations make pearls ripe for reimagining, and you'll find pieces that are unexpectedly edgy (Pearl Collective's spiked black rhodium earrings), arty (Lizzie Fortunato's chunky drop earrings), and just plain cool.

Below, shop pieces of pearl jewellery for every style, starting at just $20

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