10 Model Sisters Who Prove Good Looks Run in the Family

Dacy Knight

Sister acts are nothing new in the world of high fashion (think Frankie and Missy Rayder, one of the OG dream teams) but as of late they have been everything casting directors and the rest of us are coveting. From Bella and Gigi Hadid taking over ever runway and revitalising the notion of '90s-age supermodel to fresh faces following in the footsteps of their more established siblings, sisters are taking the fashion industry by storm and we've been loving every bit of it.

Five sets of model sisters have been especially successful in captivating the fashion world, both in their solo endeavours and synergistically. Sometimes perfect genes just run in the family, and it couldn't be more obvious than with these lovely duos building impressive modelling careers side by side.

Keep scrolling to see the modelling world's most successful sister acts.

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