The Model Pose That's Actually Easy

Michelle Scanga

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

How to pose like a model you ask? Well earlier this week we had the chance to chat with Victoria’s Secret models Romee Strijd and Josephine Skriver at the brand’s girl’s night in event in preparation for Valentine’s Day. While talking with the adorably sweet women, we learned about their favourite new lingerie trends (more on that later) and the number one tip for “posing like a model.” The angels were on the same page providing similar photogenic advice, Romee suggested “running your hand through your hair for a little bit of movement” and Josephine added to “always turn to the side where your hair falls best.” Our takeaway? When in doubt, tousle your hair for a “model-approved” shot. 

See the pose in action below and shop the newest bras from Victoria's Secret at the end. 

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