A Succinct List of What Miranda Hobbes Would Buy Now

Aemilia Madden


Carrie Bradshaw may be lauded as the style icon of Sex and the City, but looking back, I'd hazard to say that the show's other protagonists were equally prolific in their own ways. These days, it feels like practical-meets-quirky Miranda Hobbes is worthy of recognition. While she may not have had the designer wardrobe (and shoe closet) of Carrie, she managed to balance her practical officewear with punchy individuality, which is no easy feat.

So because I know at least a few women (myself included) who have a bit of Miranda inside somewhere, it felt like the right time to examine how she'd be wearing the trends in 2018. Drawing on photos from the show, it's clear that Miranda circa 2003 had some insight into what we're all wanting to wear today. Read on to check out the key trends to try courtesy of Miranda now.

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