4 Outfits I'm Copying From the Cool Girls in Italy

Kristen Nichols

While the outfits on the street during Milan Fashion Week were a mix of styles, the ones I gravitated toward most were full of colour. Not just a little colour, but full-on bold shades like bubblegum pink, chartreuse green, vibrant lavender, and citrine. What’s surprising about these colours at this time of the year is that they, well, feel much more spring or summer than they do fall. But guess what? That’s the direction things are heading this season.

Instead of the fall standbys like black and tan, the dominant colours on the street style scene are just the opposite. Sorbet shades and delicate pastels are just about everywhere—and this editor, whose closet is a sea of neutrals, is very much on board. While I won’t be abandoning black in my wardrobe anytime soon, prepare to see inspiration from Milan Fashion Week coming through in my wardrobe in the form of all of these fresh colours I’ll be reinterpreting for myself.

Ahead, I’m breaking down the seriously cool outfits I’m copying from the fashion set on the streets of Milan.

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