This Is How We're Translating Milan Street Style for Australian Winter

Stephanie Squadrito

During the cooler months, it's easy for our outfits to get stale. After all, how many variations of a jeans-and-jumper look can there be? Turns out, it's easy to have fun with winter dressing if you broaden your horizons a little.

To inspire you to branch out, we've been looking at the street style at Milan Men's Fashion Week. Yes, it's summer over in the Northern Hemisphere, but the styling is surprisingly similar to what we would wear here in Australia during winter. Unless you reside in an especially chilly part of the country, these Italian street style outfits translate really easily to our climate. Let's be honest, not many people in our eternally-sunburnt country often wear more than two layers, and we're still seeing beach-worthy weather in June, so rid yourself of the idea that winter style is all about fur coats and gum boots and create an amazing look based on one of these outfits below.

Keep scrolling for 18 winter outfit ideas we'll be copying this season, and read our style notes for how we'll be adapting the look to our climate.


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