I've Just Discovered 6 Secret Microtrends, and I'm Buying Them All

Microtrends are often an offshoot of defining looks from the runways. After a few months of percolating and being adopted early by fashion enthusiasts, the eagle-eyed can start to see the key (albeit it less-obvious) buys emerging.

What's more is that they are often easier to weave into our daily looks without resulting in side-eye from passersby in the street. Take animal print, for example. It's undoubtedly one of the current season's frontrunners (showcased at Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Halpern in the most delightfully extravagant ways), but you may find that in reality, wearing it head to toe isn't the simplest option. Instead, we'll likely turn to hero pieces like a coat, skirt, or a sweater.

Another example of a microtrend that came to life this past winter via street style and social media was Réalisation's leopard-print skirt. Why did it become so popular? Because it's a game-changing item we can style with T-shirts and our go-to shoes.

In addition to reflecting the top trends, you'll also find that microtrends are often more affordable (win) and more likely to garner a nod from those in-the-know (double win). Keep scrolling to discover and shop the microtrends dominating the northern hemisphere's fall/winter 2018.

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