Michelle Obama's Fashion Choices Boil Down to This One Thing

Dacy Knight

Michelle Obama has already gone down in history as one of the most glamorous, fashionable first ladies. While admired for an unending list of more serious qualities, her discerning yet risk-taking sartorial sensibilities have not gone unnoticed. Throughout her tenure in the White House, she held us collectively captivated at every event she attended not only her presence and poise—as well as her unmatched eloquence—but by her bold dress choices that never failed to impress.

Covering Vogue for the third time, Obama gave a must-read exit interview in which she reflects upon her eight years as FLOTUS as well as the fashion choices that filled them. Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to the president and one of the Obamas' closest friends, describes the first lady's fashion choices as "brave." Obama disagrees with her approach to style, saying that she doesn't think about it like that. Instead, "it all boils down to comfort level: If I'm going to make you comfortable, then I have to be comfortable first."

How does this translate to Obama choosing her iconic outfits? She says her "first reaction isn't 'Who made this? But 'Let's try it on. What does it look like? Oooh, that's cute. Oh, wow. I never thought of wearing something like this. Let's put a belt on it. I feel gooood in this.'" This approach has certainly served the first lady well, as she's stepped out in an impressive lineup of looks that have made her a fashion icon in her own right. She admits there are definitely designers she loves (her most recent Vogue spread shot by Annie Leibovitz features a few Atelier Versace pieces) but she also takes into consideration how they are as people, if they treat their staff well, if they treat her staff well, if they're young, and if she's able to give them a boost. Once all of those needs are met, starting with comfort and taking into consideration the character of the brand, then she goes on to consider whether or not the outfit is "cute."

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Annie Leibovitz / Vogue

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Opening Image: Annie Leibovitz for Vogue

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