8 Outfits I Wore in Miami That Were Worth Having an Overweight Bag For

Just when I thought I couldn't outweigh my last overweight suitcase, I managed to hit a new benchmark. On my return flight to Miami, my checked bag was a whopping 12 pounds overweight. So maybe you shouldn't take packing advice from me, but hey, you're here. You might as well stick around. You'll soon see that the outfits I packed for this trip were well worth an overweight suitcase.

Although I only spent four days in Miami, I managed to wear six different bikinis. I attend Paraiso's Miami Swim Week, and I was so inspired by all of the looks I saw walking down the runway that I decided to apply them to my own wardrobe. When I finally took a break from the bikinis and put real clothes on, the trend that I was most excited to wear was the maxi dress. It was such a great fit for the occasions that I attended, so you'll find many scattered throughout this story. Shop the eight outfits I wore that you have to copy on your next vacation below.

You're here early. I'm introducing the color of 2023 now, and it's good. This pretty teal was all over the runways last weekend, and every fashion editor I attended events with was buzzing about it. 

My love for sporty sunglasses encouraged me to take a risk in these Gucci shades, and now that I've worn them, I'm never looking back.

Did someone say puff sleeves? I'm intrigued.

Now for the look that I received the most compliments on. Everyone wanted to know where I got this effortless and flouncy yellow dress. The answer lies with House of CB. I took it from day to night with a simple change of sandals.

The structural heel will take you to new heights.

I have been dying to try the body-chain trend, and I'm so glad I finally got around to it. It makes a simple white bikini feel brand-new.

Hailey Bieber wore this body chain, so I wore this body chain.

The internet devoured this Roberta Einer dress. As it reached viral status on both TikTok and Instagram, I had to try the runway piece everyone deemed worthy of investing in. It lived up to all of my expectations. Although, it's currently sold out. I'm letting it inspire many more of my purchases.

When your outfit matches your gelato, you're doing something right. That's how I felt when I grabbed a scoop of strawberry ice cream to match my sunset color palette.

I won't shut up about this bikini.

Color-blocking is a trend that Miami is known for, but it's something I'll be wearing long after the trip. I brought back the sporty sunglasses to be paired with one of my favorite swimwear trends, the double-layered suit.

Cutouts are everywhere now, so when I decide to buy into my favorite trend, I made sure it would stand out among the crowd. These pants can be best described as a head turner.

This is how you wear pants in 90-degree weather.

This look was a sneak peek into my European travel wardrobe. Oversize sunglasses, a headscarf, and a simple bikini make for the perfect formula. I stayed at the Esmé Hotel and felt like I was in Italy already. It was absolutely stunning.

A surprising color choice is always a good idea.

I'm sure I'll be back in Miami soon, so shop the pieces I'm bringing with me next time: 

I'll end with one of the greatest things I've seen this week.

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