We Almost Don't Want to Share This Vintage Collection With You

Amanda Stavropoulos

If there's one thing we've learnt over time, it's that girls hate sharing their secret vintage shopping spots. Us? We're all about sharing, but when this new collection from Mercantile Vintage landed in our inbox, we almost didn't want to. You see, the collection is so perfect, we want to buy every single piece. 

That's the beauty about vintage. If you see it and love it, you have to snap it up, because you only get that one shot. 

This latest collection from Mercantile Vintage was sourced in Los Angeles, so you don't have to rifle through second hand stores or bargain basements. On site right now, we're obsessed with the two-piece sets, slip dresses, and incredible jewellery. You can thank us later.

Click through to see the latest collection, then head over to Mercantile Vintage to shop it before it's gone.

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