See How Much Meghan Markle's Style Has Changed Since Her Hollywood Days

Allyson Payer

As Meghan Markle adapts to her new life as a (soon-to-be) member of the Royal family, her wardrobe has also had to adapt. While she may not have always been the most famous woman in the world, the actress has been in the public eye for quite some time, but the types of events she frequented in her Hollywood days were quite different than those she attends now.

Since Markle met Prince Harry, it's been out with the miniskirts and bodycon dresses that she once wore and in with the tailored trousers and sheath dresses. Sure, Markle's wardrobe has quickly gained a major dose of polish since her Hollywood days, but as you'll see from the throwback photos below, she hasn't completely abandoned her signature California girl style (and love for stilettos). Instead, she's replaced the bohemian girl aesthetic with more of a London girl one, and added sophisticated pieces that are more appropriate for appearances at charity functions than movie premieres. You can tell that she's choosing pieces that she feels comfortable in, despite being a bit different than what she used to wear when she knew there would be photographers present. See what we mean below. 


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