What It Was Like to Work With Meghan Markle

Amanda Bardas

While the world is still recovering from the news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged, we remembered that we have just one degree of separation from the future Royal. Sydney stylist Sadaf Razi (who we often work with), had the incredible experience of working with Markle back in 2015, for Gritty Pretty's Spring 2015 issue.

The shoot came about after Markle contacted Gritty Pretty's founder, Eleanor Pendleton, to reveal she is a fan of the digital Australian beauty magazine. From there, the two met up in New York City over a glass of wine to discuss working together. Pendleton enlisted the help of Razi to bring their shoot to life, and the result was one of Markle's first major fashion editorials.

Today, we asked Razi to look back on that day, and recount her most memorable moments, and reveal what it was like to work with the future princess, keep scrolling!

Revisit the whole shoot at Gritty Pretty.

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